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Sheltering from the storm

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

With gale force winds coming in from the South West, we have a chance to anchor under the shelter of a little ridge, in the bay of Carino. It’s a little Spanish village – with big ambitions in fishing, timber and gravel. For the first time, we go off the boat and wander to the church, the market and the various viewpoints and to have beer and tortilla with the locals. This is not a tourist hub but it does have its own unique flora and fauna – look at the “snail grass” below 😊. It’s a funny feeling to feel solid earth under your feet. Walking is fine – but whenever you stand still, your body sways gently as if you are still on deck and at sea.

I took the picture of the stained glass window from both sides because it is the first time I’ve seen stained glass set in sand – and not in lead, as we usually do in England.

Steve tries to catch a fish for supper, several folk swim and Grant sets off for the forest and the new ecosystems and new species to discover. For the crew, it’s time to do some of the maintenance which is harder on a rolling sea. Timo is making a new ladder for the inflatable; Cilia is opening and re-plaiting the big ropes to make new loops for the wooden sloop. Edward is keeping us all going with cinnamon biscuits and hot drinks.

After supper in our gracious saloon, we watch “Master and Commander” and there’s a ripple of excitement for those on the boat – including me – who will be in Galapagos with the Oosterschelde.

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