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Setting off for Quito ...

Updated: May 5

I can hardly believe it – but I am on my way!  Off to Ecuador, with a mostly-mended arm, to reconnect with the last part of the trip I should have been on from March.  Here’s a quick sketch of my next 5 and a half weeks  -  it’s the last part of the whole trip in the map below 😊

Please don’t laugh at the hat 😊  It will be handy in Galapagos and Easter Island and I thought it would add little to the challenge of travelling with one arm in a sling!

The “once-in-a-lifetime” part of the trip will be to join the Oosterschelde in Galapagos, to sail down to Easter Island where I’ll meet up with my bunk-buddy, Sheila, from the first leg of the Darwin 200 expedition.  We’ll have some time together there – and in Santiago – before getting back to London late on 13 June.

I’ve got to be super careful, so will be a passenger on the Oosterschelde and not a working member of the crew this time (though I think I can steer the ship with one arm!). 

PS – the ship is in Galapagos at the moment and the rib has already picked up an additional member of crew …

First stop Quito – do look out for my blogs and photos ...😊

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