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Not a Cloud in the Sky

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By morning, we were in the right position to turn almost due South and, with the wind behind us and the current with us, it was time to put up the sails.

With the HUGE fore course sail set – and the topsails and the main, we were running before the wind and making some ground. But the speed was hovering between 3 and 4 knots and the swell made the mainsail crack and snap as the boat rolls. So we took a deep breath and took down the mainsail and the huge forecourse sail and started a sequence to put up jibs, forestay staysail, schooner, topsails, main and topsail and mizzen. We changed course slightly to make the most of the wind and we are now set fair with all 9 sails working hard and the boat shifting at 9.2 knots – even faster than yesterday when we were relying on engine power!

A gorgeous day – with a sunny deck to rest between watches 😊

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1 Comment

Feb 08

Beautiful pictures! It looks like an absolutely incredible experience, I'm super jealous! x

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