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Hitting the pause button on South America ….

Well, my friends, right now I should be lounging in an eco camp in Patagonia - hiking the French Valley and sending you a blog from the Grey Glacier.  But I’ve had to put those plans on ice …  probably till next year (so you won’t find me in the picture above 😊)

All was going wonderfully.  Bags were packed and sea captains, mermaids and maritime explorers came to the bon voyage party

But I took a tumble a few days before flying to Buenos Aires and have an awkward break at the top of my left arm.  Thanks to the amazing NHS nurses and surgeons, I am all bolted back together and doing really well.  But I’ll have to miss the first 10 weeks or so from the map below.  No Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, or the Amazon.  There’s hope I’ll be well enough to pick up the itinerary in Lima and travel to Galapagos; sail on the beautiful Oosterschelde to Easter island and have a glimpse of Santiago and Chile before flying home.

There’ll be more blogs in May but, in the meantime, I wanted to send my love and huge thanks to my wonderful family and friends who are keeping my spirits high (don’t you just love this cushion, from Jo and Keith)

À Bientôt

Clare x

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1 Comment

Andrew Bettany
Andrew Bettany
Mar 26

What a blow, at the 11th hour! Thanks for update. Lots of physio and healing, and I am sure you will be ready to get yourself adventuring by May!

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